What next?

I’ve been taking break for some time When anxiety and depression hits you Living in the social society I don’t have next 5 or 6 years plans It’s okay to just not feel the things I’ve been taking break for some time to work on myself, and just follow my vibe it’s just getting hard... Continue Reading →

The Heart Wants What It Wants

The heart wants what it wants, that no more heartaches, that no one get more distant, that no one stop talking, that always stay with you, but, I need to find myself, it’s hurt me to fall over yourself, after the things we have been through, I really need to get out of the blue,... Continue Reading →

20/01/2020 2:15AM

What is more important as a adult? Is it clubbing, fun, making new friends, visiting new places, making a todo list n start ticking it, being a social icon, posting feed, having a boyfriend/girlfriend? OR Investing time out of this social network/media bubble to self? i.e. reading books, support family business, going college, getting degree... Continue Reading →

The bench

Standing near the gate, the alarm beeps, with overtime gate opens, peoples moving. As, standing in the crowd, it’s tuff to move around. The smell of naphthalene, clinging to someone’s dress. Kids with rainbow umbrella and happy face, yeah, it’s raining, in a winter day. The train stops, as the station come, instead of transferring... Continue Reading →

She`s A Masterpiece

Maybe, she is on her way,on her way to find somethingthat make her to feel strong,someone to tell herthat she matters to them,thats all As she called herself, a messbut she don`t know, thatshe is a masterpiece always in her own thoughtsmessed with her messy hairs, althoughtrying to live her dreams on her ownbut never... Continue Reading →

My Grandma Dear 👵🏻

Everyone knows, who loves me the most, as you told me, now I’m not afraid of ghost, the fantasy tales you read me, while sitting on your knee, the love and care, you gave me throughout the years, I’m feeling blessed for that, my grandma dear, as winters getting cold, and makes us feel screwed,... Continue Reading →

A Special November Day

Woke up a little late,but it was an special date,she asks, fixing her hair,the black suit that she wear,playing with her ear pieces,stare at me, as, if she didn’t exist,as her only purpose to finish some work,and as if she didn’t wanna do anything at all,as it was the November cold,leafs on the grass with... Continue Reading →

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